Saturday, August 2, 2014

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Dear friends,

The Utah Coalition for Educational Technology (UCET) recently revised and updated their website, which includes a blog within the site itself.  As of August 1, 2014, I will be posting all blog posts at  The monthly technology newsletter will be there as well.

This blog will remain as an archive of our earlier posts - and will still be a great resource.

Please come visit UCET's new blog home here!

You can also have access to all these posts, including the newest ones, on my TeacherLINK blog.

Nathan Smith
UCET Board of Directors

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Free iOS App Today - Metropolitan HD (Art)


●●● FREE only today!

App contains a collection of more than 1500 best paintings of the Metropolitan Museum. Here you will find the works of Rembrandt, Durer, Velasquez, Edgar Degas, Francisco de Goya and many other famous painters.

Collection includes the best-known paintings of the museum, such as:
- “Bullfight" by Francisco de Goya
- "Toledo in a thunderstorm" by El Greco
- "Madame Charpentier with her children" by Renoir
- "The Abduction of Rebecca" by Delacroix
- "Self-Portrait" by Rembrandt

For the sophisticated lovers of art such functions as download and receive at your email the HD version of any painting are available in the application.

Our app will not only help you to become a more educated person, but also will provide you a unique opportunity to walk through a sort of virtual museum and to enjoy the masterpieces of world painting. Enjoy your viewing!

- 1500 paintings of more than 500 masters of painting
- Separation of paintings by genres and authors
- Access to the HD version of works, Paintings Saving in the Photo Album

- Email paintings to your friends and acquaintances
- Publication of paintings on Facebook
- Convenient search for paintings

- Adding paintings to My favorites
- Custom works filter
- Slideshow Mode

- Download paintings for the offline viewing
- Zoom of Paintings

Free iOS App Today - Art


✓ Welcome to the Art iPhone/iPad App 2.0. We have redesigned the app and upgrade the library to over 1800 HD artworks!!!

✓ This app is a virtual gallery with complete collection of over 1800 HD artworks in western art history.

In this app, you will find:
★ 1) HD Art Gallery
In this app, we have a collection of more than 1800 HD artworks (paintings, sculptures, etc.) throughout western art history. We are constantly updating our database to include more artworks.

★ 2) Great Educational Contents
✓ We have integrated a beautiful book to illustrate the timeline and history of Western Art.
✓ You can bookmark your favorite page, and even print them out right from your apps!

★ 3) Museum Interface
The brand new museum like interface provide you with a perfect virtual gallery experience.

★ 4) Advanced Search Engine
Search by artwork name, artist, genre, year or whatever keywords you can think of.

★ 5) Multiple platform supported
iPad/iPhone/iTouch Compatible! Buy one copy and get them on all your devices.

★ 6) Retina HD enhanced
This app is enhanced to display stunning graphics on iPad 3's Retina screen, enjoy HD art works!

★ 7) Documentary
More than 40 selected Youtube Documentaries on Art. Visualize and enhance your understanding!

★8) Slide show with background music
Instantly turn your device into a e-frame!

★ 9) Off-line Data
✓Once you download this app, everything is all set.
✓Browse great artwork in subway, a remote island, anywhere without the help of Internet.

★ Our collection has several categories:
✳ Ancient Classical Art
✳ Medieval Art
✳ Early and High Renaissance
✳ Northern Renaissance
✳ Late Renaissance and Mannerism
✳ Baroque and Golden Age of Dutch Art
✳ Rococo
✳ Neoclassicism
✳ Romanticism
✳ Realism
✳ Impressionism and Post-Impressionism
✳ 20th Century Art

About Western Art:
✰ Western art is the art of the North American, South American, Oceanian and European countries, and art created in the forms accepted by those countries. 

Google Hangouts move into the enterprise...

See this ComputerWorld Article...

OSMO - connecting a virtual world with the real world.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Free iOS App Today: Second Grade Reading Comprehension


This reading comprehension app has twenty fictional stories about children's daily life. You can also create and add your own stories to the app.

Each story has about 150 words. Each story introduces new vocabulary and concepts, and is followed by a set of exercises that measure the student's comprehension. The exercises include multiple choice questions, true/false questions and matching exercises that ask the student to match words or concepts with their definition, or create compound words.

The app allows unlimited individual users, and provides detailed reports on each student's progress. The app can be configured to email the progress reports to a parent or teacher.

There are two modes: Practice Mode and Test Mode. In practice mode, the student is given visual and audio feedback as they answer each question.

You can create and add your own stories, along with images and questions. You can sync all the data (stories, images, questions, user accounts, reports, etc.) to your dropbox account, and import all the data to another iPad.

This app helps develop reading, vocabulary and comprehension skills.

List of included stories:

1. Kelly's Teddy Bear
2. Baking Cookies
3. Going Camping
4. Mike's New Glasses
5. Visiting Grandma
6. The Field Trip
7. The Storm
8. Summer Fun
9. Jason's Birthday Surprise
10. Winter Wonderland
11. Fly a kite
12. A Special Gift for Mom
13. The Birthday Card
14. Soccer in the Sun
15. Luke's New Puppy
16. The Four-Leaf Clover
17. Brandon's Family
18. A Stinky Guest
19. Floppy's Ears
20. At the Candy Store

This app is ideal for self-paced learning or home schooling. You should encourage your child to work at his or her own pace, and make learning fun!

This reading comprehension app follows the Common Core State Standard English Language Art-> Reading -> Grade 2. 

Free iOS App Today - Mighty Met (Metronome)

Mighty Met has been designed from the ground up to offer an intuitive new look at what a metronome can do for you. It is a fully featured metronome with an extra trick up its sleeve -- Mighty Met lets you easily automate an entire piece of music. It will make all the tempo, time signature and subdivision changes for you so you can focus on playing the music.

It does this by creating “cards” that tell the metronome how long to play, what tempo to play at and in what time signature. Want to have Mighty Met change time signatures exactly when you do in a piece of music? Simply create a card with the new time signature on it and you’re ready to go!

But, the most powerful part of Mighty Met is that you can organize it however you want from there. If you're having trouble with a particular section of music, create a card for just that section and subdivide it differently or make it slower so you have time to practice all the notes. Maybe you want to put your marching band show into Mighty Met so that each card is a new set. The possibilities are endless!

- Incredibly precise metronome engine
- Easy, intuitive interface
- Automate your entire piece of music instead of just one tempo at a time
- easy beat subdivision
- Pre-roll one measure before starting
- Looping user-selected practice sections
- Mighty Met will alert you whenever a card changes during playback
- Endless play option for when you want the met to click until you stop it .

TeacherLINK TechBytes Newsletter for August 2014

In this Issue...
  • 5 Free Courses for Teachers’ Professional Development.
  • Building Houses with 3D Printers
  • Will 3D Printers Change the World?
  • 3D Printing Goes Commercial
  • Enhance Your Google Searches With These Tips and Tricks
  • New Flexible OLED Displays
  • Free Online Event: Become a Google Tools Expert
  • TextHelp Launches a Free Fluency Tool
  • - Free Video & Audio Tools
  • Free Webinar Series: GLOBE and Next Generation Science Standards Alignment
  • Louisiana Tech University Online Course — Steps to STEM: NASA Education Resources for STEM Engagement
  • REGISTRATION OPEN: Zero Robotics High School Tournament 2014
  • Free iOS Apps: Duolingo; National Archives DocsTeach; To the Brink: JFK and the Cuban Missile Crisis; CK-12 studyNow
  • New Technologies: Pano 100” multi-touch table; iOptic Augmented Reality Contact Lens; Youm Flexible Displays
  • How to Stop Auto-Playing Videos in FaceBook using Chrome
  • Neurobridge
  • Rio Firefly Handcycle

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Free iOS App: CK-12 studyNow!!/id611509018?mt=8


studyNow is an intuitive app designed by CK-12 Foundation that helps students learn, do homework, and research for projects . The app helps students find and learn K-12 content in an easy and intuitive manner. Students can now learn at their own pace and in their own way (Video, Interactive Objects, Read, etc.). Teachers can use this app to help keep their kids engaged within the class room and find supplemental material for their class. The app can also be used as a companion tool to the CK-12 site (


MULTIPLE MODALITY LEARNING - Students can learn K-12 concepts in multiple ways:
Interactive Objects
Images/ Mind Maps
EDUCATIONAL CONTENT - The following K-12 content is available. All content found in this app are aligned with the COMMON CORE STANDARDS!
Earth Sciences
Life Sciences
Physical Sciences
SAT Exam Preparation
DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT: Content from this app can be downloaded for offline use. Content can be downloaded in the following formats:
EXERCISES - Students can practices exercises for each concept to test how well they have mastered the concept.
LINKS TO EXTERNAL RESOURCES - Students can also find links to external resources for each concept.


Students can use this app to research relevant content for homework
Students can use this app to help learn concepts they are learning in school in different ways
Students can use this app to help prepare for quizzes/exams by practicing questions
Parents/Teachers can use this app to help facilitate and enhance student engagement in class


CK-12 provides open-source content and technology tools to help teachers provide learning opportunities for students globally. Free access to high-quality, customizable educational content inmultiple modalities suited to multiple student learning styles and levels, will allow teachers, students and others to innovate and experiment with new models of learning. CK-12 helps students and teachers alike by enabling rapid customization and experimentation of teaching and learning styles.

Your comments, feedback or questions about studyNow by CK-12 Foundation are always welcome. Please email us at And check out our website for info about us at Thanks!

Free iOS App: To The Brink: JFK and the Cuban Missile Crisis


The "To the Brink" app brings the National Archives and its JFK Library and Museum exhibit to iPads. This free app contains many of the same photographs, documents, and recordings found in the exhibit — allowing people unable to visit the exhibit a chance to experience one of the most extraordinary moments in American history.

Free iOS App: National Archives DocsTeach


Engage in activities that will help you make sense of stories, events, and ideas of the past using documents from the holdings of the US National Archives. Choose an historical topic and challenge yourself with an activity. Or, find activities in a classroom set up just for you, using the code provided to you from the web site. is an online tool for teaching with documents from the National Archives. On the web site, you will discover thousands of primary sources and learning activities. When registered for a free account, teachers can borrow from and modify an ever-expanding collection of activities, plus create unique ones using the online tools. Log in and create classrooms full of activities, then share the classroom’s auto generated code with your students to access on their iPads.


• Choose a historical era or topic to find an activity based on primary source documents such as the US Constitution, the canceled check for the purchase of Alaska, and Thomas Edison’s patent drawing for the light bulb.

• Participate in DocsTeach activities made with the Focusing on Details, Making Connections, Finding a Sequence, Mapping History, Weighing the Evidence, or Seeing the Big Picture tools.

• Tap and drag document icons to move them within activities.

• Tap to view documents. Zoom and inspect individual pages of documents using the controls in the document viewing window.

• Students: Find activities specifically assigned by your teacher using your classroom code.

• Teachers: Share the unique code from your classroom with your students so they can find and complete just the activities you have chosen or prepared for them.

A WiFi connection is recommended for this application.

The DocsTeach web site can be found at DocsTeach was created in partnership with the Foundation for the National Archives. Designed and developed by Second Story Interactive Studios.

Flexible OLED Displays

The LG and Samsung companies are moving forward with organic light-emitting diode technology, or OLED.  Since the organic molecules emit their own light, they can be printed to thin plastic films to create an amazingly bright, clear display.  Earlier this year, LG unveiled the world’s first flexible OLED TV and the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  Now it is unveiling two new eighteen inch OLED panels.  There is a transparent display (see image at upper right).  The other is a display that can be rolled up.  LG says these new panels are a proof of concept, and that it can market rollable displays over fifty inches in the near future.

The new eighteen inch display can be rolled up into a cylinder a touch over an inch in radius - all without affecting the function of the display.  The curvature was achieved by using what LG calls a “high molecular substance-based polymide film.”  This film allows for a very thin, but strong display.

As for the transparent OLED panel, it boasts 30 percent transmittance, which was achieved by adopting the company’s transparent pixel design technology. LG Display has successfully lowered the haze of the panel which is generated by using circuit devices and film components to a level of 2 percent. With this breakthrough development, the company has been able to improve greatly the technology level of the transparent display. Considering that the transmittance of existing transparent LCD panels is around 10 percent, this new panel offers significantly improved transmittance.