Thursday, April 5, 2012

Free iOS App Today - StarMap 3D Plus

​Explore the Universe: StarMap 3D Plus is the portable star atlas for beginners or advanced astronomers. Use StarMap 3D Plus to find the planets, stars, constellations, star clusters, galaxies, and nebulae visible to you based on your location and time. StarMap 3D Plus will even use the built-in compass to show you exactly what is in front of you!

Features include:

• Compass support, (requires built-in compass)
• Location-based-services (LBS) / Global Positioning System (GPS) support, or manually choose city or longitude and latitude
• All 88 modern constellations
• 100,211 stars to magnitude 9.5 (every naked-eye visible star plus 90,000 more!)
• Moon and planetary positions from Mercury to Pluto
• 106 minor planets (asteroids and trans-Neptunian Objects)
• 6,441 deep-sky objects from the NGC catalog
• Planetarium Mode for seeing only objects visible to you
• Whole-Map mode for seeing objects that may not be visible to you
• 3D Mode for visualizing objects in three-dimensional space
• Each star includes information such as distance, spectral class, and absolute magnitude
• Constellations lines based on the outlines from "The Stars: A New Way to See Them" by H.A. Rey
• MacRobert and Classic constellation lines also available
• Original constellation artwork by Nick Cate corresponding to the lines by H.A. Rey
• 5,979 galaxies to 17th magnitude
• 245 open clusters
• 104 globular clusters
• 39 nebulae
• 92 planetary nebulae
• Each deep-sky object includes information such as object distance, diameter, apparent angular dimensions, orientation, Hubble classifications for galaxies, and concentration classifications for globular and open clusters
• Manually specify which time to display
• Change time instantaneously and interactively with the Time Scroll feature
• iPad Support