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Free Podcast - Smithsonian Channel Presents Black History Month


Free App Today - TourWrist (Macworld Best of Show Winner 2012)



• MacWorld 2012 Best of Show Winner!
• See what TNW, Mashable, Communication Arts, WIRED, TUAW, CNN and Fast Co. Design are all talking about.
• Experience what some are calling the #1 Free App of All Time.
• "One of the most spectacular virtual-tour user experiences I've seen" - Fast Company Design
• "It just blows me away… You will love this, I guarantee it." - Adam Curry's The Big App Show
• "One of the slickest iPhone apps on the planet… I cannot sing its praises enough" - The Next Web

With Tour Wrist®, iOS devices become portals. So when you point your device up, you’ll truly appreciate a new property’s grand staircase. Turning around will give you the full stadium seating experience. And looking down will reveal just how much leg space a vehicle has to offer. You can also view "tours" through our intuitive, touch-based controls. Check out travel destinations one minute, hotels and restaurants the next, or even look inside new homes. PLUS, the iPhone app now includes an integrated panoramic photography feature, meaning you can shoot and share in just seconds! With powerful creation, search, sort and sharing tools, Tour Wrist® gives you the power to travel, remotely.

Creating tours is just as fun and easy too! Use the iPhone or iPod Touch app to shoot and share for free. Or check out TourWrist.com to learn more about the professional options available. With the new Tour Wrist API, any panoramic photography app developer can now include a free "Publish To Tour Wrist" function (a number have begun integration).

• Integrated panoramic photography function for iPhone 4/4S users on iOS 5(soon for iPod Touch, iPad 2, and iOS 4 users as well).
• Breakthrough, 3D-viewing technology tracks your device movement to show corresponding views on-screen.
• Intuitive, touch-based navigation as well.
• Access to beautiful imagery from some of the world's most talented photographers.
• Powerful filtering allows you to search by keyword, geography, popularity, and more.
• Supporting descriptions, maps, and web links give you a broader understanding of each area you explore.
• Bookmark your favorite tours, and even share them via email, Twitter, or Facebook.
• Tour Wrist® is entirely free!

GoEco - an organization dedicated to promoting student volunteering in humanitarian, environmental, and social volunteer projects across the globe

Hello Nathan,

My name is Jonathan Gilben and I studied at the University of Nottingham and later co-founded GoEco, an organization dedicated to promoting student volunteering in humanitarian, environmental, and social volunteer projects across the globe.

We offer excellent programs for students and faculty of Education, and related fields, interested in personal development and gaining practical hands-on experience by way of volunteering abroad. I invite you to explore a selection of our volunteer programs that involve teaching youth around the world at this webpage:

Volunteer Projects for Students & Faculty of Education

We would be delighted if you could assist us by either promoting, spreading the word and/or by posting the attached flyers for potential volunteers on your student notice boards or, if possible, through the university intranet. To download the flyer press here.

Your assistance will help our efforts of sustaining and developing many projects around the world, and we also hope that you and/or your students will enjoy a unique opportunity to volunteer while experiencing diverse cultural and natural environments.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Many thanks for your help and kind regards,

Jonathan Gilben

Tel US: +1-917-477-3931

PBS TeacherLine To Launch Course on Virtual Teaching

FETC Resources
FETC Resource Center on THE Journal
FETC RSS Feed on
THE Journal
FETC App for Android
FETC App for Apple iPad and iPhone
FETC Main Site
FETC 2012 Conference Schedule
FETC 2012 Workshops
FETC 2012 Concurrent Sessions
FETC 2012 Featured Speakers

PBS TeacherLine next month will launch a six-week course designed to introduce teachers to the "critical knowledge, strategies, and techniques to support student achievement in an online learning environment."

Read the entire THE Journal post...

RPG Teaches U.S. History to Middle Schoolers

A new online and desktop-based RPG is putting middle schoolers in the role of an escaped teenage slave as she flees to the North and joins up with abolitionists in Ohio.
The game, Flight to Freedom, is set in Kentucky and Ohio in the year 1848. Players take on the role of Lucy King, a 14-year-old plantation slave who decides to escape in order to avoid punishment when she's accused of committing sabotage.

Read the entire post on THE Journal's site...

20 Terrific Twitter Chats for Every Kind of Educator

Hi Nathan,

I recently discovered your blog, and I have become a frequent reader. We recently published an article “20 Terrific Twitter Chats for Every Kind of Educator” that dovetails well with your audience. Perhaps you would be interested in sharing with them?

Here's the link:
Thanks for the great content, and I hope the article I've linked primes your interest.

Elena Verlee

20 Innovative Ways High Schools Are Using Twitter

We at Bestcollegesonline.com recently came across your blog and were excited to share with you an article “20 Innovative Ways High Schools Are Using Twitter” was recently published on our blog at (http://www.bestcollegesonline.com/blog/2012/01/30/20-innovative-ways-high-schools-are-using-twitter/), and we hoped that you would be interested in featuring or mentioning it in one of your posts.

Either way, I hope you continue putting out great content through your blog. It has been a sincere pleasure to read.

Thanks for your time,
Tim Handorf

Mac OSX 10.7: StartNinja turns off the system start up chime

From MacOSX Hints

StartNinja turns off the OSX Lion system start up chime / sound. It is a free utility that you can download here.

There are often times when I am in a public location and forgot to turn off the sound on my MacBook. Subsequently, a loud bong happens. Now there is a quick and easy solution for OSX Lion machines; StartNinja. StartNinja turns off the OSX Lion system start up chime/sound.

[crarko adds: Does what it says. There are some instructions on the download page. It's a useful utility if you need it.]

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Free App Today - Sing N' Match - Head to Toes!


Free App Today - Word Pool


Word Pool is a word game where you click on bubbles containing letters to spell words. There are 50 available levels of increasing difficulty, in which you can compete for the best scores against your friends and the rest of the world through GameCenter leaderboards.

Free App Today - Upper Respiratory Virtual Lab


Free App Today - The Physiology of the Respiratory System


2012 Toyota Teacher of the Year Award

$20K for the teacher of the year

2012 Toyota Teacher of the Year

The grant award must be used to improve or expand the educator’s parent engagement efforts within a family literacy, school, library or community-based organization.
Contact Information
  • Grant Organization: National Center For Family Literacy
  • Contact URL: http://www.famlit.org/award-gr...
  • Eligibility: Educators
  • Grant Deadline: Wednesday February 1st, 2012
  • Grant Value: $20,000

Grant - $36K in technology and products for K-12 classrooms

$36K in technology and products for K-12 classrooms

Winter 2012 Classroom Improvement Technology Grant

This program aims to help educators develop 21st century classrooms and improve achievement by providing effective, engaging technology tools from multiple industry leading companies.
Contact Information

  • Grant Organization: The Turning Foundation, Samsung Mobile, BrainPOP, Turning Technologies
  • Contact URL: http://www.turningtechnologies...
  • Eligibility: K-12 educators
  • Grant Deadline: Wednesday February 15th, 2012
  • Grant Value: Ten awards worth $36,000

Macworld | iWorld 2012 Best of Show winners


National Geographic's Wild Chronicles Videos


This collection contains all the content from NG Education about Wild Chronicles

  • Amazon Gold Mine
  • Antarctic Penguins
  • Bear Woman
  • Bison and the WWF
  • Cheetah Chase
  • Crazy Cats
  • Crittercam - Elephant Seal
  • Crittercam - Fishing with Emperors
  • Crittercam - Great White Shark
  • Crittercam - Grey Reef Shark
  • Crittercam - Grey Seals
  • Crittercam - House Cats
  • Crittercam - Juan Fernandez Fur Seals
  • Crittercam - Leopard Seal
  • Crittercam - Monk Seals
  • Crittercam - New Zealand Sea Lions
  • Crittercam - Steller Sea Lions
  • Crittercam - Tiger Sharks
  • Elephant Power
  • Fearsome Frogs
  • Fire Bombers
  • Gator Wild
  • Gharials
  • Giant Catfish
  • Gobi Desert
  • Grizzlies of Alaska
  • Ice Climbing
  • Jaguar Hunt
  • Jewels of the Caribbean
  • Kayaking the Rapids
  • Kobu the Lion
  • Leader of the Pack
  • Lions of Gir
  • Lost World - Roraima
  • Mapping the Labyrinth
  • Mike Fay Mega-Flyover
  • Modern-Day Rovinson Crusoe
  • Ocean Drifters
  • Panda Reintroducing
  • Pebble Mine
  • Periyar
  • Rainbow Serpent
  • River Shark Attacks
  • Russia's Tigers
  • Secret Killers of Monterey Bay
  • Sonoran Babies
  • Syrian Ibis
  • Terminal Velocity
  • Vultures

New National Geographic Education website


"You are visiting National Geographic Education’s completely redesigned beta website. Welcome! We hope you like what you see. The site is still under development, so you are seeing only some of the planned features and content. New things will continue to roll out—and your opinion matters!

Since its founding in 1888 "for the increase and diffusion of geographic knowledge," the National Geographic Society has worked to educate audiences about our planet. National Geographic Education develops programs for educational settings—in and out of school. We do this by targeting two goals: Geo-Literacy and Educational Outreach.

Our redesigned beta website, NatGeoEd.org, offers an expanded and updated library of National Geographic’s popular education content, highlighting our iconic media and expert resources aligned with education standards. This beta site is just the first phase of a next-generation website with a wide range of free educational resources that bring geography, science, and social studies to life for educators, learners, and their families."

Free Apps Today - Music Apps (http://appshopper.com/music/free/)

  • AceMusic can play almost any file format music file or stream directly on iPhone/iPod/iPad. Just transfer the media files to your ios devices by iTunes File Shareing or over Wi-Fi,then it can be...

  • The Award-Winning Ultimate Metronome is now available on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch! This app is the answer to all your musical timekeeping needs! Unlike other Metronome apps which require you...

  • Rock Prodigy® is your mobile instructor that works with any real guitar. Use it to learn guitar and songs faster than ever. Follow the Rock Prodigy lesson plan to take you from beginner to pro. Rock...

  • Magic Music 2 Magic Music, basing on historically long and gorgeous Chinese culture, provides you fantastic music experience. The former version of Magic Music, won a good reputation in the...

  • ★ THE BEST NOTE TRAINER APP FOR IPHONE ★ ☆ GET IT FOR FREE BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE !! ☆ BEST IN ITS CLASS "As a beginner I tried (and paid for) a lot of similar apps and this one is by far the...

  • Cherub Technology’s Strumtune™ is a multifunction digital tuner, tone generator and metronome for the iPhone. Featuring a host of tuning styles, Strumtune calls upon Cherub’s more than 14 year...

  • Piano Hero HD has 100p free and allow you to buy 300p with only $2.99 Ever wanted to play a fun musical game on your iPad/iPhone/iPod? Then Piano Hero is for you! This incredibly addictive and...

  • ** Now free ** Mobius is an iPhone application that has been designed to help you learn to play or sing a tune from your iPod library. It allows you to select a track from your iPod library and...

  • The latest generation of our Sound Scope synthesizer! Now with a completely rewritten audio engine, Kuzmoscillator™ modulator, echo, envelope, arpeggiator, more range, and higher resolution! ...

  • The first granular synthesizer for the iPhone! Check out the demo video at The Strange Agency's website! http://thestrangeagency.com Granular synthesis works by combining many tiny grains of...

  • A gift for New Year! FREE for LIMITED TIME!More app release and updated information on twitter:@eseedo or facebook:Meetfuture David. Magic, miracle and full of imagination… Zither, a Chinese...

  • PLAY a note. SHAKE your phone. FEEL the magic as the music responds to your slightest movement. Your iPhone is now a whole new magical instrument. Just cradle your phone in the palm of your hand...

  • Two independent stereo outputs for your Red Bull BPM DJ app? With Red Bull BPM MasterOut the dream comes true. In Home output mode, the headphone output of your device is the monitor (or better...

  • ⚡ Free for limited time. ⚡ FreeAppReport.com Featured App. MovBeats is a funny and a little crazy app which allows you to create video clips easily and quickly, catching them in the surrounding...

  • MUSIC REMIX APP-App Star Award FINALIST $2.99 for a LIMITED TIME ONLY iFLYPT REMIX an APP STAR Award finalist offers a new way of experiencing your music on a unique and revolutionary remixing...

  • * A magical illusion to the ears * A new polyphonic musical instrument * A new method for acquiring perfect pitch * The foundation for a new way of conceptualising music - - - What is a ChromaTone?...

  • Learn Guitar  Learn Guitar

    • You are now able to download and save the videos for offline viewing. • Each lesson now has accompanying text and images to enhance your learning experience. • We now have an improved help system...

  • THE VERY FIRST MUSIC NOTATION SOFTWARE FOR THE iPhone PLATFORM. NOW WITH SOUND!! Take your scores from concept to completion faster than ever before. pocketscore is a compact, affordable and...

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Discovr Apps - Discover New Apps


If you want to find new apps related to other apps, this is a great program!  I use it all the time.  It's only 99¢, but well worth the price.

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Free App Today - Simply B&W (Photography)



An easy and simple way to turn your great color shots into exciting black and white photos. Simply B&W allows you to:
  • * Select from 6 different colored lens filters to enhance certain colors and shades in a photo.
  • * Adjust the brightness and contrast of the image.
  • * Choose from border options of none,white or black.
  • * Add simulated film grain.
  • * Add black or white vignetting.
  • * Preserve EXIF data(requires iOS 4.1 or later).
  • * Outputs images up to 3264x3264 as well as a slight border (if desired).
  • * Supports PhotoAppLink. This is allows you to easily send or receive photos with Simply B&W to or from other compatible apps. See www.PhotoAppLink.com for more details.

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Free App Today - Draw Pad Pro


Free App Today - The Wizard of Oz-Interactive Book for iPad


Also free from this app developer:

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

Alice in Wonderland

Wolfram Education Portal - Free!

From eClassroom News...  "Launched on Jan. 18, Wolfram Alpha’s Wolfram Education Portal is a free website, currently in beta testing, that offers teaching tools and materials such as an interactive textbook, lesson plans aligned with the Common Core State Standards, and supplemental materials that include demonstrations, widgets, and videos."


Welcome to the Wolfram Education Portal!

Wolfram has long been a trusted name in education—as the makers of Mathematica, Wolfram|Alpha, and the Wolfram Demonstrations Project, we've created some of the most dynamic teaching and learning tools available. We are pleased to offer the best of all of our technologies to you here in the Wolfram Education Portal, organized by course. In the portal you'll find a dynamic textbook, lesson plans, widgets, interactive Demonstrations, and more built by Wolfram education experts. You can take a look at the types of materials we offer below, but to get full access to all materials, you need to sign up for a free account.

The portal is currently in Beta, so feel free to explore the materials we've put together and provide feedback to help us improve the project.


American Geological Institute
Vol. 10, No. 1: January 2012

* Earth Science Week 2012: 'Discovering Careers'
* Independent Study Details Earth Science Week Success
* Earth Science Week Resources Online Year-Round
* AAPG Offers Instructors Videos, Expert Speakers
* Apply by February 1 for Congressional Fellowship
* Energy Lab Program Open to Secondary Schools
* AGU Resources Advance Education and Outreach
* Contest Spurs Students to Environmental Research
* EPA Offers Climate Change Toolkit for Middle School
* GSA Geoscientists Reach Out to Educators

Earth Science Week 2011:
'Discovering Careers'

AGI is pleased to announce that the theme of Earth Science Week 2012 will be "Discovering Careers in the Earth Sciences." This year's event will boost awareness about the geosciences and the many exciting career and job opportunities in the field.

Earth Science Week 2012 materials and activities will engage young people and others in learning how geoscientists gather and interpret data about the Earth and other planets. Through careers in geology, geophysics, oceanography, hydrology, paleontology, Earth science education, and many other fields, they enhance our understanding of Earth processes and improve the quality of human life.

"Earth Science Week provides a great chance for teachers and guidance counselors to spread the word to students and parents about geoscience careers," says Ann Benbow, AGI's Director of Education and Outreach.  "With over 150,000 positions expected to open in the next decade, opportunities for building an exciting and meaningful career in the geosciences have never been better, even in this tough economy," says Christopher M. Keane, head of AGI's Geoscience Workforce Program.

Earth Science Week offers opportunities to discover the Earth sciences and engage in responsible stewardship of the Earth. The program is supported by the U.S. Geological Survey, the AAPG Foundation, NASA, the National Park Service, ExxonMobil, Esri, and other major geoscience groups. To learn more, go to http://www.earthsciweek.org.

Independent Study Details
Earth Science Week Success

Earth Science Week participation improved in 2011, not only in sheer numbers - a documented 48 million people, more than ever before, gained awareness through activities, media coverage, and the Internet - but also in the quality of engagement, according to an independent evaluation recently completed by PS International.

Comparing participation last year and plans for next year, 88 percent of survey respondents said they anticipate either increasing or maintaining level participation. "Very cool stuff," commented one respondent. "I plan on using more of the resources next year." While comments were overwhelmingly positive, some indicated that participation was limited by respondents' budgetary constraints.

A large majority of participants - 86 percent - said Earth Science Week offers opportunities for teaching and promoting Earth science that they wouldn't have otherwise. "The ESW packet provides content and resources that we would normally not be able to provide," said one.

Similarly, 86 percent said program resources and activities are very or somewhat important to educating students and others about Earth science. "Keeps us up-to-date, and teachers appreciate a new resource," a respondent remarked.

Most respondents find Earth Science Week and related resources highly useful, with 75 percent rating the program's overall usefulness as excellent or good. AGI uses evaluation findings to improve the program. To learn more, see Earth Science Week 2011 Highlights, coming soon at http://www.earthsciweek.org/highlights/index.html.

Earth Science Week
Resources Online Year-Round

Earth Science Week is more than one week of the year. If you've got Internet access, you can teach and learn about Earth science all year long.

The Earth Science Week web site offers loads of classroom activities, videos, Spanish-language resources, research projects, local events and organizations, and careers information. Most importantly, the site features dozens of recommended lessons that teachers and parents can conduct with children. All are aligned with the National Science Education Standards. Check it out at http://www.earthsciweek.org today!

AAPG Offers Instructors
Videos, Expert Speakers

With members ranging from professional geologists and corporate executives to students and academics, the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) has plenty to offer Earth science educators. AAPG, a longtime AGI member society and Earth Science Week partner, aims to foster scientific research and promote the science of geology.

In addition to AGI's K-5 GeoSource and Earth Science Week sites, AAPG's K-12 Teaching Resources site at http://www.aapg.org/k12resources/ features the AAPG video library of more than 300 educational videos. AAPG's Youth Education Activities Committee is currently building and expanding this resource.

AAPG's Visiting Geoscientist program allows colleges and universities to arrange for a geoscientist to visit with a group of students for a full day or a half-day. Programs can include technical talks, a review of geoscience careers, and informal discussions. K-12 teachers also may request visits, though availability at the pre-college level is limited. To arrange a visit, go to http://www.aapg.org/education/vgp/.

Universities and geological societies can arrange similar visits through the Distinguished Lecturer program. For details, see http://www.aapg.org/education/dist_lect/.

Apply by February 1 for
Congressional Fellowship

One week left! AGI is accepting applications for the 2012-2013 William L. Fisher Congressional Geoscience Fellowship. The successful candidate will spend 12 months (starting September 2012) in Washington D.C., working as a staff member in the office of a member of Congress or on a congressional committee.

The fellowship represents a unique opportunity to gain first-hand experience with the federal legislative process and make practical contributions to the effective and timely use of geoscientific knowledge on issues relating to the environment, resources, natural hazards, and federal science policy.

The candidate must have a Ph.D. or master's degree with three years work experience in geoscience. Applications are due February 1, 2012. Learn more at http://www.agiweb.org/gap/csf/index.html.

Energy Lab Program
Open to Secondary Schools

American middle and high schools are now eligible to participate in the U.S. Department of Energy's Laboratory Equipment Donation Program (LEDP) program. For over 30 years, this program has enabled colleges and universities to acquire hundreds of millions of dollars in high-quality surplus laboratory equipment from the department's National Laboratories.

The listing of free equipment available through LEDP is updated periodically, as new equipment is identified. It is made available for a limited time on a first-received application, first-qualified basis.

The Department of Energy, an active Earth Science Week partner, invites schools to acquire equipment by reviewing the list and completing an electronic application at the  LEDP web site (http://www.osti.gov/ledp/).

AGU Resources Advance
Education and Outreach

The American Geophysical Union (AGU), an AGI member society dedicated to the furtherance of the geophysical sciences, offers an array of opportunities exposing students, teachers, and life-long learners to the freshest, most accurate scientific knowledge and the excitement of discovery.

This is accomplished through education- and career-focused events at annual AGU meetings, professional development workshops for teachers, special programs for pre-college and post-secondary students, awards for science educators, and printed and electronic resources. To learn more about AGU's education and public outreach efforts, please visit http://www.agu.org/education/ online.

Contest Spurs Students to
Environmental Research

From the Gulf oil spill to the decline of Arctic sea ice, NASA satellites and other observing instruments have proved crucial in monitoring environmental changes. The 2012 Thacher Environmental Research Contest, sponsored by the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, challenges high school students to conduct innovative research on our changing planet using the latest geospatial tools and data.

Top projects will receive cash awards of $2,000 for first place, $1,000 for second place, and $500 for third place. Individuals or teams of up to four students may enter. In addition to the student prizes, teachers or adult coaches of winning students will receive $200 Amazon.com gift cards. Learn more at http://www.strategies.org/thachercontest.

EPA Offers Climate Change
Toolkit for Middle School

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has released a free collection of resources to enhance middle school students' understanding of climate change impacts on the United States' wildlife and ecosystems.

"Climate Change, Wildlife, and Wildlands: A Toolkit for Formal and Informal Educators" contains case studies, activities, and videos based on climate science, environmental education, and stewardship information. The toolkit is available online at http://www.globalchange.gov/resources/educators/toolkit. For more information, see http://www.epa.gov/climatechange/wycd/CCWKit.html.

GSA Geoscientists
Reach Out to Educators

Teachers and students alike can learn a lot from the Geological Society of America (GSA), an AGI member society and Earth Science Week partner. GSA is an organization of geoscientists in industry, government, business, and academia who are committed to the ongoing professional growth of Earth scientists.

One of GSA's major education and outreach programs, the Teacher Advocate Program (TAP), provides "Explore Geoscience" CD-ROMs, lesson plans, educational materials, and resource links for Earth science teachers. For more information on TAP, visit http://www.geosociety.org/educate/tap.htm. Teachers also can take advantage of GSA's Teacher GeoVenture trips, teacher workshops, and Distinguished Earth Science Teacher in Residence. GSA also offers a number of teacher awards and fellowships. See http://www.geosociety.org/awards/aboutAwards.htm to learn more.

Students are encouraged to apply for GSA's GeoCorps America program, which works with the National Park Service, the Forest Service, and the Bureau of Land Management to place young geoscientists in geoscience-related positions at national parks. Find out more at http://rock.geosociety.org/g_corps/index.htm.

The American Geosciences Institute is a nonprofit federation of 50 geoscientific and professional associations that represents more than 250,000 geologists, geophysicists and other earth scientists. Founded in 1948, AGI provides information services to geoscientists, serves as a voice of shared interests in the profession, plays a major role in strengthening geoscience education, and strives to increase public awareness of the vital role the geosciences play in society's use of resources, resiliency to natural hazards, and interaction with the environment. For contact information, please visit http://www.earthsciweek.org/contactus/index.html.

Poems and Fingerplays from the Canton Public Library


Whether for an infant or toddler, these songs and nursery rhymes can aide in preschool development; while being a lot of fun! For more helpful storytime tips, see Storytime Success.

Free App Today - The Rescue HD - Brain Challenge against Time


Honoring the true Thanksgiving spirit, Super Jay would like to thank their fans by giving away The Rescue for free for a limited time!

Hero to the rescue!! Evil Dr. Woofbane is once again on the loose and you and your legendary skills are the only ones who can help Hero save his beloved Princess!!

Roll the dice in order to select a continent and help Hero the dog race evil Dr. Woofbane through 7 action-packed levels! Picking the correct answer will give Hero super speed and allow him to throw bombs and obstacles in Dr. Woofbane's path! Successfully answering successive questions will bring a quick victory, but be careful! Selecting the wrong answer will cause Hero to loose blood! If Dr. Woofbane hits you five times, the level is over.

The Rescue contains hand-drawn, eye-catching graphics that will keep children entertained while learning about basic, grade-school appropriate material. Available in the game center, children can proudly show off their medals and achievements for all their friends to see!


•AMERICAN HISTORY --Learn American facts from the founding fathers to the Obama administration
•ANIMALS -- Learn fun and amazing facts about animals from A to Z
•ASTRONOMY -- Learn about the planets, stars, and the vast wonders of the universe
•FRUITS -- Learn amazing and little known facts about these seemingly ordinary objects
•VEGETABLES -- Learn about vivacious veggies and their health benefits
•GEOGRAPHY -- Learn world geography as Hero races through 7 different continents
•OCEAN LIFE -- Learn a sea full of wonderful and amazing facts
•PLANTS -- Learn facts that will ensnare your curiosity like a Venus fly trap


•7 levels with 1600+ academic questions!!
•8 different categories of questions
•For ages 7+
•Compatible with the Game Center leaderboards and achievements!!
•Expands general knowledge and vocabulary!!
•Challenging, fast-paced action keeps kids entertained!!
•Easy to follow instructions means your child can begin learning within minutes!!
•Hours of fun: Great replay ability for the whole family!!

Free App Today - A+ FlashCards Pro


Free App Today - Arithmemouse Addition Subtraction Game


Utah Teachers - Need Some UTIPS Help???

If you get any requests for UTIPS instructions, feel free to let anybody know about this wiki.  http://jsdutips.wikispaces.com  - Bonnie Muir

Digital Learning Day!

6 days and counting…1,655,375 students participating so far!

Tip of the Day: A Teacher’s Dream!  Check Out These Edutopia Resources for Digital Learning Day!

You can see Edutopia’s Digital Learning Day Resources at http://www.edutopia.org/digital-learning-technology-resources.

These resources include interesting and teacher-friendly videos, helpful hints, and new tools and resources on:
  • Integrating Technology into Schools
  • Online Learning and Blended Classrooms
  • Teaching with New Media Tools
  • Working with Digital Learners
  • Additional Resources on the Web

ANNOUNCING! Digital Learning Day’s Video Contest

We want to hear how digital learning is improving your school and how you celebrated Digital Learning Day!  There are categories for Teachers, High School Students, Middle School, and Elementary Students.  Go to http://www.digitallearningday.org/awards/ to view the categories, directions and rules.  Submissions will be due on Friday, March 2nd.

A Quick Checklist for your participation in Digital Learning Day:

1.  Make a plan to celebrate Digital Learning Day at your school with your students. Go to the Teacher Toolkit for idea from us and teachers like you at http://www.digitallearningday.org/toolkits/teachers/. The Awesome Ideas link provides templates you can customize that may give you some ideas to get started.

2.  DONE!  If you are getting this note directly, you have already signed-up at http://www.digitallearningday.org/sign-up to participate. So mark that off your list! J

3.  You are encouraged to watch the live town hall meeting being streamed via the Internet on February 1, 2012.  You can view this on your own, with colleagues, or as a class. Please make sure to register at http://digitallearningday.eventbrite.com/ to get the directions, bookmark the link, and test your system before the live webcast on February 1 at 1:00 PM Eastern Time.

Thanks for everything – please keep spreading the word about Digital Learning Day!
Sara Hall

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Facing the Future...


It's all connected!

Climate change. Population growth. Poverty. Environmental degradation. Conflict. Global health crises. Intractable global problems? We don’t think so. At Facing the Future we believe in the transformative power of widespread, systemic education to improve lives and communities, both locally and globally. Our positive, solutions-based programming is designed by and for teachers, and brings critical thinking about global issues to students in every walk of life. We work within the education system to help teachers help students achieve academic success, while preparing them to create and maintain positive, healthy, and sustainable communities. We provide curriculum resources, teacher workshops, and service learning opportunities used by teachers, schools, and districts in all 50 states and over 120 countries. By 2020, Facing the Future programming will reach over 12.5 million students each year. Read more...

The Utah Society for Environmental Education


NEON - The National Ecological Observatory Network


The National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) will collect data across the United States on the impacts of climate change, land use change and invasive species on natural resources and biodiversity. NEON is a project of the U.S. National Science Foundation, with many other U.S. agencies and NGOs cooperating. 

NEON will be the first observatory network of its kind designed to detect and enable forecasting of ecological change at continental scales over multiple decades. The data NEON collects will be freely and openly available to all users.

The Center for Green Schools


The Center for Green Schools from U.S. Green Building Council on Vimeo.

Free App Today - SkySafari 3




As just reviewed in Sky & Telescope magazine, SkySafari 3 is "revolutionary" and a "game-changer". SkySafari 3 will change the way you do astronomy!


SkySafari 2 was "the most comprehensive astronomy app available for iOS" (iPhone Life, March-April 2011). Now, SkySafari version 3 comes in three versions, and all three offer more than ever before.

This is basic version of SkySafari 3. It shows you 120,000 stars, plus 220 of the best-known star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies in the sky. It displays the Solar System's major planets and moons using NASA spacecraft imagery, and includes the best-known asteroids and comets.

SkySafari 3 accurately shows you the sky from any place on Earth, at any time up to one million years in the past or future. It includes encyclopedic descriptions of the constellations, stars, and planets written by professional astronomers. And it contains hundreds of images from NASA space missions, the Hubble Space Telescope, and the world's foremost astro-photographers.

If you have an iPhone/iPad with a compass, or an iPod Touch with a gyroscope, SkySafari can help you identify stars and planets by holding your phone next to them. Tap the Compass/Gyro button (or shake your phone) to activate the compass - now, as you move the phone around, the sky chart follows your motion. Search for any object in the sky, and follow the arrow on screen to find it!

SkySafari 3 has a "Night" button to preserve your dark adaptation as you're exploring the night sky. The Time Flow feature lets you animate the night sky using simple VCR controls - follow the motion of the stars and planets as SkySafari compresses days, months, and years into a few seconds.

SkySafari 3 includes SkyWeek - the mobile version of Sky & Telescope Magazine's super-popular "Sky at a Glance" column. SkyWeek features interactive sky charts for each day of the week, and links to more articles on S&T's website. SkyWeek shows you all major sky events: eclipses, conjunctions, good meteor showers — miss nothing!

And all this is just in the basic version! Don't be afraid to start small - you'll end with the universe at your fingertips! SkySafari's streamlined user interface puts both power and simplicity into your hands - and turns your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch into an invaluable tool for exploring the night sky. SkySafari is more than just a star chart - it's a celestial travel guide!

Free App Today - Mozart Eine kleine Nachtmusik - SyncScore


Free App Today - Chopin Waltz & Impromptus- SyncScore


OSSI: SOLAR -- Summer 2012 Opportunities

The NASA One Stop Shopping Initiative, or OSSI, strives to provide students at all institutions of higher education access to a portfolio of internship, fellowship and scholarship opportunities offered by NASA mission directorates and centers.

Visit the OSSI LaunchPad to find information on internship, fellowship and scholarship opportunities. The site features the OSSI: Student Online Application for Recruiting Interns, Fellows and Scholars, or SOLAR. This innovative system allows students to search and apply for all types of higher-education NASA internship, fellowship and scholarship opportunities in one location. A single application places the student in the applicant pool for consideration by all NASA mentors.

Applications for summer 2012 opportunities are due March 16, 2012.

To find available opportunities and to fill out a SOLAR application, visit http://intern.nasa.gov/index.html.

Inquiries about the OSSI: SOLAR should be directed to Mabel Matthews at Mabel.Matthews@nasa.gov.

NASA's Digital Learning Network Webcast -- National African American History Month and Engineers Week

In observance of National African American History Month and Engineers Week in February, the Office of Education at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland will host a live webcast for teachers and students in grades K-12.

On Feb. 22, 2012, from 1-2 p.m. EST, students will interact live with African-American engineers and scientists who will share how they use science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM, in their careers. Presenters will discuss what sparked their career choices and how students can prepare for future careers in STEM fields. The event will be streamed on the Digital Learning Network "DLiNfo" webcast channel, and during the event students can submit questions for the scientists to answer via an email address that will be provided by the on-air host.

Also during the month of February, GSFC will release two videos featuring Dr. Aprille Ericsson and James Fraction. These videos will give an inside look at what engineers do during the day. This is a great opportunity for educators and students to learn more about engineering careers at NASA.

For more information on these events and how to participate, please visit the DLiNfo webcast section at the Digital Learning Network site, http://dln.nasa.gov.

Questions about these opportunities should be directed to Trena Ferrell at Trena.M.Ferrell@nasa.gov.

Women In STEM High School Aerospace Scholars

Engineer your dream job. The Women in STEM High School Aerospace Scholars project offers a one-of-a-kind experience for female high school juniors to jump-start their futures and explore the possibilities of a major or career in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Participants begin their adventure in an online community. The project culminates with a summer experience at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. Collaborate with girls from across the country and female NASA engineers and interns.

Applications are due Feb. 15, 2012.

For more information and to download the application, visit http://wish.aerospacescholars.org/.

Questions should be directed to JSC-NHAS@mail.nasa.gov.

Join the Worldwide GLOBE at Night 2012 Campaign

GLOBE at Night is a worldwide, hands-on science and education program for primary and secondary schools. The GLOBE at Night project encourages citizen-scientists worldwide to record the brightness of the night sky. During four select sets of dates, children and adults match the appearance of a constellation (Orion or Leo in the northern hemisphere, and Orion and Crux in the southern hemisphere) with seven star charts of progressively fainter stars. The map is located at http://www.globeatnight.org. Participants then submit their choice of star chart online with their date, time and location to help create a light-pollution map worldwide.

The GLOBE at Night 2012 campaign dates are Feb. 12-21, March 13-22 and April 11-20, 2012. Over 68,000 measurements have been contributed from more than 115 countries over the last six years of two-week campaigns.

Children and adults can submit their measurements in real time if they have a smart phone or tablet. To do this, use the Web application at http://www.globeatnight.org/webapp/. With smart phones and tablets, the location, date and time are put in automatically. And if you do not have a smart phone or tablet, there are user-friendly tools on the GLOBE at Night report page to find latitude and longitude.

Through GLOBE at Night, students, teachers, parents and community members are amassing a data set from which they can explore the nature of light pollution locally and across the globe. Make a difference and join the GLOBE at Night efforts in 2012. Activity packets, one-page flyers and postcards advertising the campaign are available at http://www.globeatnight.org.

Please email any questions about GLOBE at Night to globeatnight@noao.edu.

Engineering Design: Forces and Motion -- The Great Boomerang Challenge Web Seminar

As part of a series of electronic professional development experiences, the NASA Explorer Schools project and the National Science Teachers Association are hosting a 90-minute professional development Web seminar for educators on Feb. 2, 2012, at 8:15 p.m. EST. Learn how NASA aerodynamics research can be applied to boomerang design to increase performance. During the session, participants will be introduced to the Boomerang Design Challenge and learn how to incorporate this activity into science classes. The seminar also includes information about two unique extensions. In the first, students access a free computer simulation illustrating the airflow around an airfoil to determine the correct flow equation, and a second extension uses an interactive simulation to determine the airflow around various shapes of airfoils.

For more information and to register online, visit http://learningcenter.nsta.org/products/symposia_seminars/NES2/webseminar24.aspx.

To learn more about the NASA Explorer Schools project, visit http://explorerschools.nasa.gov.

Email any questions about this opportunity to the NES Help Desk at NASA-Explorer-Schools@mail.nasa.gov.

NASA's Digital Learning Network Webcast Series -- Flying Through African-American History With the Tuskegee Airmen

In honor of National African American History Month, NASA's Digital Learning Network is hosting a webcast series titled Flying Through African-American History With the Tuskegee Airmen. The webcast series will focus on this elite group of African-American pilots who fought war and racism in World War II and the challenges faced by early African-American aviators.

The Tuskegee Airmen Balance Warfare With Science
Feb. 2, 2012, 1-2 p.m. EST

Learn more about the Tuskegee Airmen and their pivotal role during World War II. These pilots fought war and racism with one of World War II's greatest weapons, the science of the P-51 Mustang fighter aircraft.

Technology Advances the Tuskegee Airmen
Feb. 7, 2012, 1-2 p.m. EST

The onset of World War II spurred the aerospace industry, one of America’s most notable accomplishments. Aircrafts were plentiful, but pilots were scarce. Technology supported the Tuskegee Airman’s victory over Nazism and Fascism in the European skies and racism on American soil.

Engineering a Proud Heritage
Feb. 14, 2012, 1-2 p.m. EST

Moton Field in Tuskegee, Alabama became the historic site that launched proof that African-Americans could fly and maintain sophisticated combat aircraft. Engineering schools such as the Tuskegee Institute provided the edge needed for African-Americans to make a significant impact during World War II.

Mathematics Fuels the Tuskegee Airmen
Feb. 14, 2012, 1-2 p.m. EST

Over 900 men graduated as pilots from the Tuskegee Institute pilot training program. The elite class of airmen was granted the opportunity to fuel flight success with calculated risks.

Teachers interested in having their classes participate in the live audience should visit the DLN website for details to register. Requests will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

Classes not chosen to participate in the live audience may still join the webcast via live streaming on the DLN website.

For more information, visit http://www.nasa.gov/offices/education/programs/national/dln/special/TuskegeeAirmen.html.

Questions about this opportunity should be directed to Karen.Ricks@nasa.gov.

Distance/Rate/Time Problems: Smart Skies Web Seminar

As part of a series of electronic professional development experiences, the NASA Explorer Schools project is hosting a 60-minute professional development Web seminar for educators on Feb. 1, 2012, at 8 p.m. EST. Learn how to use an innovative air traffic control simulator to engage your students as they explore the mathematics involved in the role of an air traffic controller. In the three-plane problem featured in this lesson, the challenge is to change routes and speeds to line up the planes safely, with proper spacing, at a given route intersection.

For more information and to register online, visit https://digitalmedia.wufoo.com/forms/nes-webinar-registration-smart-skies/.

To learn more about the NASA Explorer Schools project, visit http://explorerschools.nasa.gov.

E-mail any questions about this opportunity to the NES Help Desk at NASA-Explorer-Schools@mail.nasa.gov.

International Space Apps Challenge

NASA is working with the Open Government Partnership, or OGP, and international space agencies to coordinate an International Space Apps Challenge. The competition will culminate in an event taking place in April 2012 that will enable the government to use the expertise and entrepreneurial spirit of citizens to help address global challenges.

Through the end of January, NASA and the event partners will receive and develop ideas for potential projects via the online platform. During the event in April, NASA representatives and officials from international space agencies will gather with scientists and citizens to use publicly released scientific data to create solutions for issues, such as weather impact on the global economy and depletion of ocean resources.

The deadline to submit ideas is Jan. 31, 2012.

The OGP is a new, multilateral initiative that aims to secure concrete commitments from governments to promote transparency, empower citizens, fight corruption and harness new technologies. NASA's participation in the United States Domestic Plan will promote innovation through international collaboration.

NASA is a leader in the U.S. Open Government Initiative. The president's fiscal year 2012 budget request focuses NASA's efforts on a vigorous path of innovation and technological development. The path leads to an array of challenging and inspiring missions to destinations with incredible potential for discovery, increasing knowledge about our solar system, developing technologies to improve life on Earth, expanding our presence in space, increasing space commerce and engaging the public.

To learn more about the International Space Apps Competition, get the latest updates and submit your ideas, visit http://open.nasa.gov/appschallenge.

To learn more about the Open Government Partnership, visit http://www.opengovpartnership.org/.

If you have questions about the International Space Apps Competition, please visit http://open.nasa.gov/appschallenge/contact/.

Algebraic Equations: Calculator Controlled Robots Web Seminar

As part of a series of electronic professional development experiences, the NASA Explorer Schools project and the National Science Teachers Association are hosting a 90-minute Web seminar on Jan. 30, 2012, at 6:30 p.m. EST. Discover a unique way of integrating robotic technology into your algebra classes. Robotic missions engage students and provide a unique way of bringing to life the concepts you are teaching. Learn to use programmable Texas Instruments, or TI, calculators and Norland Research Robots to solve problems requiring substituting values for variables in formulas.

You do not need to have a Norland Research Robot or programmable TI calculator to participate in this seminar, or know how to program the calculator. This seminar provides an overview of using robotics in algebra so you can make an informed decision about purchasing the robots and other equipment.

For more information and to register online, visit http://learningcenter.nsta.org/products/symposia_seminars/NES2/webseminar8.aspx.

To learn more about the NASA Explorer Schools project, visit http://explorerschools.nasa.gov.

Email any questions about this opportunity to the NASA Explorer Schools help desk at NASA-Explorer-Schools@mail.nasa.gov.

Scholarship Announcement: 2011 OPTIMUS PRIME Spinoff Award Video Contest

NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center is pleased to announce that the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, or ASME, Foundation is offering scholarships to the winners of the 2011 NASA OPTIMUS PRIME Spinoff Contest. These scholarships, with a combined value of $25,000, will be awarded by the ASME Foundation to students whose video submissions best represent a selected NASA spinoff technology featured in the Agency’s 2010 Spinoff publication.

Featuring OPTIMUS PRIME, the leader of the popular TRANSFORMERS brand, the 2011 OPTIMUS PRIME Spinoff Award Contest highlights spinoffs from NASA technologies that are used on Earth. The goal is to help students understand the benefits of NASA technology to their daily lives. Last year’s contest was open to students in grades 3-8 and resulted in 76 video submissions from over 190 students in 31 states.

For the 2011, the OPTIMUS PRIME Spinoff Award Contest has been expanded to include students in grades 3-12. Each student, or group of students, will submit a three- to five-minute video on a selected NASA spinoff technology listed in NASA’s 2010 “Spinoff” publication. Videos must demonstrate an understanding of the NASA spinoff technology and the associated NASA mission, as well as the commercial application and public benefit associated with the spinoff technology.

Video entries are due Jan. 31, 2012.

Video entries will be posted on the NASA YouTube channel, and the public will be responsible for the first round of judging. The top five submissions from each of the three grade groups (Elementary [3rd-5th], Middle [6th-8th] and High School [9th-12th]) will advance for final judging. A NASA panel will select a winning entry from each group. Among other prizes, a crystal OPTIMUS PRIME Spinoff Award Trophy will be given to winners at a special awards ceremony being held in Florida in April 2012. The innovators associated with the NASA technology highlighted in the winning videos also will receive trophies, as will their commercial partners.

For more information, visit the OPTIMUS PRIME Spinoff Award website at http://ipp.gsfc.nasa.gov/optimus.

Questions about this contest should be directed to Darryl Mitchell at Darryl.R.Mitchell@nasa.gov.

Host a Real Time Conversation With Crewmembers Onboard the International Space Station

NASA is now accepting proposals from U.S. schools, museums, science centers and community youth organizations to host an Amateur Radio on the International Space Station, or ARISS, contact between July 15, 2012, and Jan. 15, 2013. To maximize these radio contact opportunities, NASA is looking for organizations that will draw large numbers of participants and integrate the contact into a well-developed education plan. Proposals are due Jan. 30, 2012.

Using amateur radio, students can ask astronauts questions about life in space and other space-related topics. Students fully engage in the ARISS contact by helping set up an amateur radio ground station at the school and then using that station to talk directly with a crew member on the International Space Station for approximately 10 minutes. The technology is easier to acquire than ever before. ARISS has a network of mentors to help you obtain the technology required to host this once in a lifetime opportunity for your students.

Interested parties should contact Teaching From Space, a NASA Education office, to obtain complete information including how the technology works, what is expected of the host organization and how to obtain the proposal/application form by sending an email to JSC-TFS-ARISS@mail.nasa.gov or by calling 281-244-1919.

Additional information can be found at http://www.nasa.gov/audience/foreducators/teachingfromspace/students/ariss.html.

NASA’s DEVELOP Program -- 2012 Summer Session

DEVELOP is a NASA Science Mission Directorate Applied Sciences-sponsored internship that fosters the training and development of students in the atmospheric and earth sciences. The DEVELOP Program extends the application of NASA earth science research and technology to meet societal needs.

Students conduct projects that focus on the practical application of NASA’s earth science research and demonstrate how results can benefit partner organizations and local communities. Advisors and mentors, from NASA and partner institutions, provide guidance and support for the program. Students gain experience using NASA science and technology in a professional setting.

Students from high school through doctoral levels are selected through a competitive application process. Students chosen by DEVELOP work on teams onsite at 10 locations nationwide. Activities are conducted during three 10-week terms per year: spring, summer and fall. To apply to a DEVELOP center at a NASA location, applicants must be a citizen of the U.S. However, international students currently registered at an accredited school in the U.S. are eligible to apply to DEVELOP regional locations. International applicants must already have a visa that permits them to work in the U.S.

Applications for the summer 2012 session are due Jan. 30, 2012.

For more information about this unique internship opportunity, please visit the DEVELOP website at http://develop.larc.nasa.gov.

Questions about the DEVELOP Program should be directed by email to NASA-DL-DEVELOP@mail.nasa.gov or by telephone to 757-864-3761.

NASA's Orion Spacecraft to Land in Oklahoma, Texas and Alabama

A test version of NASA's Orion spacecraft soon will make a cross-country journey, giving residents in three states the chance to see a full-scale test version of the vehicle that will take humans into deep space.

The crew module will make stops during a trip from the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The planned stops include Jan. 27-29 at Victory Park and the American Airlines Center in Dallas and Feb. 1-2 at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Ala. Engineers, program officials, astronauts and NASA spokespeople will be available to speak with the media and the public.

The full-scale test vehicle was used by ground crews in advance of the launch abort system flight test that took place in New Mexico in 2010. Orion will serve as the vehicle that takes astronauts beyond low-Earth orbit, and the first orbital flight test is scheduled for 2014.

To see photos of the pad abort test, visit http://www.nasa.gov/exploration/systems/mpcv/gallery/abort_test/index.htm .

For more information on the each of the sites, visit

American Airlines Center: http://www.americanairlinescenter.com.

U.S. Space and Rocket Center: http://www.ussrc.com.

New DIY Podcast Module Available -- Micro-g

The newest Do-It-Yourself, or DIY, Podcast module, Micro-g, is live and ready for use.

This module includes four NASA experts explaining microgravity and how to live in it. Nancy Hall is a microgravity researcher on Earth. Mike Fincke is the U.S. astronaut who has spent the most total time in orbit (more than a year). And we have footage of flight engineers Nicole Stott and Bob Thirsk from the International Space Station.

Several video clips and images on the photo index page show microgravity demonstrations on Earth and objects and astronauts floating through the space station.

Other DIY Podcast topic modules are:
-- Fitness
-- Lab Safety
-- Newton's Laws
-- Robots
-- Rocket Science
-- Solar Arrays
-- Spacesuits
-- Sports Demo

Students use the video clips, pictures and audio clips to build podcast episodes and other multimedia projects.

A companion blog offers tips and suggestions for incorporating the DIY Podcast into the classroom.

To learn more and to start building podcasts, visit http://www.nasa.gov/audience/foreducators/diypodcast/index.html.

New NASA Kids’ Club Activity: Window to Earth

Astronauts have a spectacular view of Earth from space. Move through the pages of Window to Earth and see images taken from space of these geographical features: peninsula, glacier, lake, desert, cape, island, upheaval dome, strait, waterfall, reef and volcano.

To take a peek and see how Earth looks from space, visit http://www.nasa.gov/audience/forkids/kidsclub/flash/clubhouse/Window_to_Earth.html

For more fun activities, visit http://www.nasa.gov/kidsclub.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Free Macintosh Software - WonTube Free Video Converter



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Free App Today - Reading the Ruler


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TED: Lisa Harouni: A primer on 3D printing

2012 may be the year of 3D printing, when this three-decade-old technology finally becomes accessible and even commonplace. Lisa Harouni gives a useful introduction to this fascinating way of making things -- including intricate objects once impossible to create.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Looking for educational iOS apps for kids ages 3-6? Check out KinderTown


KinderTown App (Free) - http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/kindertown/id463524703?ls=1&mt=8
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Free App Today - iSide Web Browser for iPad



Chatting, Dictionaries, Notepad, Twitter, Maps, JavaScript Console and more tools alongside your surfing. Multi-Tabs, Downloads, All-In-One Homepage, AdBlock, Gestures, Sharing, Read It Later, Readability and other desktop browser features. iSide Web Browser brings desktop browser experience to you.

◆Sidebar Features

★Sidebar Web Services
- Twitter / Facebook / Google Plus
- Gmail
- Google Talk / Live Messenger
- YouTube
- Google Maps
- Google Reader
- Yahoo Stocks / Google Finance
- Weather Underground / Weather.com

- Dictionary.com
- Google Translate
- Wikipedia (Language customizable)
- Wiktionary (Cross-language, language customizable)
- Goo (Japanese)
- Baidu (Chinese)

★Sidebar Notepad
- Now you can take notes while surfing the web
- Printing , Email sharing and iTunes file sharing
- Opening downloaded txt files

★Developer tools

☆JavaScript Console
- Hi hackers, finally you have an iPad browser that came with a JavaScript console!
- JavaScript Keyboard with most commonly used JavaScript symbols
- Input history support. Find what you have typed before
- Support console.log(), console.dir(), etc

☆View Source Code
- Syntax Highlight

★Tips: The toolbox shows only commonly used tools by default. You can find all the tools in the settings, and set whether or not to display any of them.

◆Common Browser Features

★ All-In-One Homepage. Tap to Go!
- Address bar and search bar moved into the homepage, which shows each time you open a new tab
- URL box (Auto-complete most visited URLs)
- Search box (Auto-complete hot keywords)
- Bookmarks
- Most visited pages
- Recently closed pages

- Unlimited Tabs
- Opening multiple pages simultaneously
- Auto-Fit Width
- Loading Indicators on each tab
- Scrollable when too many tabs opened (Firefox-like)
- Reorder tabs by pressing and holding until the tab become translucent, then moving it around
- Show the end of the titles, omit the middle (Default: OFF)

★Search Engine
- Google
- Bing
- Yahoo

★Navigation Gestures
- 3-Finger swipe to go forward & back (ON/OFF)

- Add/Remove/Reorder
- Bookmarks shown in homepage & sidebar

- Downloading files, Saving images
- Previewing & Printing files (Images, PDF, Doc, Txt, etc)
- Opening in other apps
- iTunes file sharing

★Context menu
- Open link in new tab
- Open link in current tab
- Open link in another app
- Save link
- Copy link
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- Twitter
- Facebook
- Google Reader
- Delicious
- Email

- Web pages, downloaded Images, PDF/Doc files, etc

★AdBlock(OFF by default)


★Read It Later

- Clear visit records
- Clear Cookies

- Icon buttons support Voice-Over

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop me a line. Thanks!