Thursday, March 7, 2013

Free iOS App - MapBox for iPad

MapBox for iPad allows you to use your iPad to view, create, and share maps made with the MapBox suite of open source map-making tools. Use this app to take your maps offline and on the go -- they'll be as fast and interactive as ever. Make new maps by combining offline map layers in the MBTiles format with online maps from MapBox Hosting, OpenStreetMap and MapQuest. You can even overlay GeoJSON, KML, and GeoRSS data layers.

With the latest release of MapBox for iPad, you can:

- Access your MapBox Hosting account to view your existing maps and layers;
- Add new layers by choosing from dozens of free map layers provided by MapBox Hosting;
- Download layers for fast, completely offline use;
- Use OpenStreetMap and MapQuest Open layers as base maps when you're connected to the Internet;
- Use iTunes to transfer MBTiles, KML, GeoJSON, and GeoRSS files from your computer to your iPad;
- Open MBTiles, KML, GeoJSON, and GeoRSS files that you have in other apps like Mail, Dropbox, and Safari;
- Easily visualize large data sets using MapBox's automatic point clustering;
- Customize your settings by choosing a default base layer from among the free layers at;
- Present your maps on the big screen with an innovative presentation mode;
- Save your map views and load them again later; and
- Share snapshots of your maps by email and Twitter.

This application is built upon open source tools. In addition to releasing our own open source projects (like Simple KML for KML parsing and Fingertips for the presentation mode), we have built the open source MapBox iOS SDK (based on the Route-Me project) to set a new standard for iOS map customizability.

MapBox is an approved software-as-a-service provider on All federal agencies can freely use maps from MapBox. For more information and to enroll visit the following URL:

For help with designing or sharing maps, head over to