Tuesday, March 5, 2013

National Wildlife Federation - Free How-To Guides for Schoolyard Habitats


National Wildlife Federation's "How-To Guide" for Schoolyard Habitats® walks through the steps to creating a successful and sustainable wildlife garden, provides information on teaching in an outdoor classroom, and offers resources to help create and maintain your habitat.

We've broken out the guide into seven sections below, to walk you through the process and provide lesson plans.

PART 1: Welcome to the Schoolyard Habitats Program (pdf)
PART 2: Gardening for Wildlife (pdf)
PART 3: Teaching with Schoolyard Habitat Sites (pdf)
PART 4: Gathering Information (pdf)
PART 5: Assembling the Elements (pdf)
PART 6: Ensuring Continued Success (pdf)
PART 7: Appendix and Resources (pdf)

Once you've certified your Schoolyard Habitat with the National Wildlife Federation you can order a Schoolyard Habitats sign