Thursday, March 7, 2013

Smart Skies: Sector 33 App Now Available for Android

The NASA Smart Skies project recently updated the "Sector 33" application, or app, to support Android smartphones and tablets.

"Sector 33" is an air traffic control game designed to interest students in aeronautics-related careers and to connect mathematics and problem solving to the real world. In "Sector 33," the player role-plays an air traffic controller with the task of guiding two to five airplanes through a sector of airspace by changing the planes' routes and speeds. The challenge is to get the planes through the sector in the fastest time possible while maintaining proper spacing.

The app serves as a companion piece to the Smart Skies "LineUp With Math" classroom mathematics activity and is available for both Apple and Android mobile devices. To learn more about "Sector 33," visit

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