Friday, March 8, 2013

Utah Geographic Alliance

The mission of the Utah Geographic Alliance (UGA) is to improve geogrphic literacy in Utah.  By promoting quality geography content and relevant inquiry skills in the Utah classroom, the UGA will help prepare students to participate in and contribute to today's diverse and rapidly changing world.  UGA accomplishes this by providing high quality professional development opportunities for teachers, creating unique learning opportunities for students, building ties with the professional geography community, and creating public awareness.
  • Annual Conference:  September 28, 2013
  • Community Mapping Institute:  Integrate GIS/GPS skills in curriculum through service learning.
  • Geography Olympiad:  Academic competition for 9th grade students
  • Professional Development
  • Scholarship/Travel Opportunities
  • Online Resources
Community Mapping Workshops - Learn to use GIS/GPS in the classroom and field
  • St. George - June 10-14
  • Utah County - July 15-19
  • Salt Lake - July 29-Aug 2
 The Community Mapping Program involves teachers and students in a community-based project that incorporates geospatial technology and other characteristics of active and inquiry-based curriculum.  Students use GIS/GPS in the process of discovering and answering questions about their community rather than learning technology for technology's sake.  The five day Community Mapping Workshop models active classroom and fieldwork with community partners as participants design a classroom project.
Eligibility:  Grades 4-12 Teachers and Administrators
Costs:  $50 registration fee payable to Utah Geographic Alliance.  Travel to and from the workshop.  Registration fee for SUU credit (optional).